Reaching Out Empowers Us!

It’s been almost two years since my wife’s horrible accident at the hands of a drunk driver smashing his truck traveling at high speed into her car.  She miraculously survived and over time has regained her strength, carrying on her quilting, donating quilts for AIDS babies around the world.  I believe her kindness helped her prevail.  As her caretaker, now back to my wellness promotion work, I too feel energized reaching out to people, engaging them in meaningful ways to seek higher well-being.

Health promoters live inspired lives, I am glad to be reconnected to you — thanks for reaching out!b0203


CEO! – Chief ENGAGEMENT Officer!

ImageA new, vital position is fast emerging!   Welcome the Chief ENGAGEMENT Officer in charge of vibrancy within organizations.  This human spark plug directs the upbeat, ongoing, motivational activities inspiriting your workers and family members of all ages to actively seek higher well-being!

The Chief ENGAGEMENT Officer takes charge of rallying people to excel physically, mentally and socially.  Inspiring activities are offered to infuse people with enthusiasm.  Hardy handshakes and lavish praise are generously given, celebrating people’s success achieving the vibrant living and learning skills taught.  

Elevated morale and increased productivity result!  Stress, absenteeism and presenteeism are reduced. Fewer lifestyle illnesses and diseases occur as wellness practices become the norm.

Research-based ‘best practices’ suggested by cognitive and behavioral science are used to inspire people of all ages and all learning styles to join in.  Complacent people find the lively activities inviting!

G.L.A.D. results are produced as the Chief ENGAGEMENT Officer and ‘Excitement Team’ use methods that GRAB attention; novelty, humor and relevance are key.  Active LEARNING methods are used along with music, art, movement, social interaction, and other means to connect with more people.  Healthy role modeling and frequent celebrations inspire people to APPLY the wholesome skills taught.  Enthused people DEDICATE themselves to living vibrantly, being part of the active wellness culture created.

The Chief ENGAGEMENT Officer continually searches for effective ways to achieve G.L.A.D. outcomes.  Many motivational programs can be used to create high engagement, making worksites and homes more vibrantly healthy.   Please share your favorite ways to create zest as CEO!


About the Author:  Jeff Haebig is Founder and President of Wellness Quest, LLC since 1983.  He has produced health promotion products and programs designed to engage people of all ages and learning styles.  For more information, visit Wellness Quest on Pinterest or call 888-388-WELL.




ObamaCare Has It Backwards!


ImageAre you fretting about which Affordable Health Care insurance plan to purchase BEFORE investing in the well-being of your employees and families?  If so, ask yourself,  “Why invest in illness and disease-care BEFORE rallying your people to live wholesome lives?”

Inspiring people to seek higher well-being will not only help keep them healthier, lowering health risks and insurance costs, it will add vibrancy, leading to higher morale and productivity!

Before you do anything – consider the most effective ways to engage your people in upbeat ways that build an active, ongoing wellness culture!

Novel, relevant, lighthearted, satisfying health activities leading to frequent celebrations will create ownership and readiness, inspiring people to embrace healthy living.

Rather than first fretting about FUNDING illness-care and disease prevention – figure out the most effective and festive ways to fully engage your people in fitness – then have FUN creating wellness payoffs and pizzazz!

Author Jeff Haebig Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of Wellness Quest, LLC.  Since 1983 he has developed engaging products and programs empowering people to seek higher levels of wellness in enjoyable ways. 

Making ObamaCare Motivational

Problem:  ObamaCare aims to manage illness and disease rather that preventing them with proactive health promotion.  Failing to address root causes, ObamaCare misses a grand opportunity inspiring people to seek higher well-being by eating well, exercising, managing stress, and caring for their health in other responsible ways.  It seems the Affordable Health Care Reform ImageAct is primarily focused on medication and cost mediation — rather than motivation! 

Solution:  Rather than choosing Health Insurance with the lowest premiums, select a program that yields the highest return – inspiring your organization and the families it serves to seek health on a daily basis.  That is best achieved by offering engaging, upbeat wellness activities that rally people to live well.  By creating an ongoing, active Wellness Culture that celebrates wholesome living, health insurance costs will lower, while vibrant health rises, resulting in higher morale and productivity.

First Step:  Make sure wellness programs offered are ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’.  People resent being told to change their lifestyle or pay higher premiums.  This reactive approach fails to build healthy behaviors that are self-directed and joyful.  Also make sure that celebration is central.  People bringing enthusiasm to personal and group wellness endeavors will produce higher payoffs.  Over time, intrinsic rewards result as people choose a wellness lifestyle, lowering health risks, while increasing their physical, mental, emotional and social vitality!

Author:  Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. has centered his professional life on finding effective ways to inspire people of all ages and learning styles to seek wellness.  He has co-authored with cartoonist Ed Fischer a series of books, perpetual calendars and a journal, using Health Care-toons to grab attention and tickle people to perform daily health activities.  He is currently developing motivational programs that take a lighthearted approach building wellness cultures that sustain optimal health within organizations and families. 

Experience the Joy:  For a treasure chest of health enhancement ideas, visit Wellness Quest on Pinterest.  Get a kick out of the many fun, empowering fitness postings!


Personalize Health Promotion!

ImageTaking responsibility for one’s health is the essence of wellness.  But how do Health Promoters inspire people to be proactive, when worksites and insurance companies mandate that people meet certain health standards or be penalized.  Such directives shift control over one’s health from personal to institutional.

Starting Wellness Quest in 1983 when wellness was a new concept centered on personal empowerment, I developed effective ways Health Promoters can impact people of all ages and learning styles to get ready and take ultimate ownership, pursuing their physical, mental, emotional, and social potential.  Over time, I discovered there are key ways we can achieve that ideal without making our wellness programs judgmental or intrusive.

  • Start by engaging people in the most novel, upbeat, and relevant ways.  Offer activities that add joy and exuberance to their lives.
  • Infuse a sense of discovery and fun into your programs.  Recognize pleasure is a powerful self-motivator.
  • Create healthy interplay among family members, friends and wellness teams.  Actively involve the youngest, oldest and those in between.
  • Frequently acknowledge the results citing wellness payoffs that have occurred.  Celebration reinforces the self-enhancement taking place.

Remember, emotion drives behavior.  Create positive feelings that foster high self-esteem through vibrant living and learning.  Mandates will no longer be needed when personalized wellness takes hold.

Vibrant Aging, Living Ultimate Experiences

Offer the most vibrant and joyous activities to the elders in your life.  Involve your family, including children, and yourself!  

Create V.A.L.U.E. ‘Vibrant Aging, Living Ultimate Experiences! using spirited, life-enhancing activities, honoring the personal living and learning styles of each participant suggested by cognitive and behavioral research!  

ImageBreathe wellness into each day, building an active, ongoing wellness culture.  Get pumped participating in a myriad of invigorating activities that optimize body and brain function!  Visit Healthy Aging on Wellness Quest – then contact us.  Together we will empower people, creating great V.A.L.U.E. throughout each generation!

Run FUN Health Promotion

ImageReplace ‘ho hum’ with FUN for higher ROI, Return on Involvement that drives an ongoing, vibrant wellness culture!

Start by balancing Bio-metric testing with Smile-metrics, measuring ‘glee’ – the upbeat mental fixative that binds people to healthy living.  Attest to what’s right with hardy living, rather than primarily testing and telling people what’s wrong with their lifestyle – that creates rift.

Get hip!  Replace lip-service talking about wellness with hip-service!  Provide people health promotion pizzazz, moving them towards vibrant living with novel, relevant, daily activities!

Use levity to raise spirits, infusing your wellness program with lighthearted fun.  Good feeling Dopamine, the pleasure-reward neurochemical will flood the body/brain giving rise to higher motivation, vitality, and productivity!  An ongoing, vibrant wellness culture with spring up!

Uplift without the rift – that’s the gleeful gist of running health promotion with fun! 

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